Queen cat Matahari and tomcat matata at home in Mumbai.(Monday 25-1-2010).

Queen cat Matahari and tomcat matata at home in Mumbai.(Monday 25-1-2010).

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cat Matahari participates in " Whiskas 5th International Cat Show held on Sunday 11th Oct, 2015 in Mumbai..

I am pasting  a partial copy of the summary of the entire cat show as posted to all the cat participants by "Indian Cat Federation".This is for the benefit of novice cat owners including myself in understanding the procedure and format of a "CAT SHOW".As for my 8 year old cat "Matahari" i just took her as a formality since it was after owning her that i started the blog of creating awareness among cat owners to start a "CAT CLUB" in India. She was and is part of  the Indian cat mascots that helped form the "INDIAN CAT FEDERATION".

Dear Cat Parent,

We thank you for participating at the Whiskas 5th International Cat Show held on 11th Oct, 2015  in Mumbai. It was our pleasure to welcome each and every one of you (existing and new members).

About Us:
Indian Cat Federation (ICF) has been formed to provide support to the Cat owners and Breeders in India. ICF is a National body recognized by The World Cat Federation (WCF). ICF aims at working and achieving the following:

  1. Educate cat owners & breeders, the right ways & methods
  2. Bring together cat owners under one banner to look after the affairs of cats
  3. Conduct shows, competitions, seminars in India
  4. Issue certificates of breed & class of cats
  5. Support activities for the betterment of the cat population
  6. Stop cruelty towards the stray cats through awareness

Brief About the Show:

This being the 2nd Cat Show in Mumbai and high expectations from everyone, we put double the efforts. We always look forward to our show being exciting for all the cats and their parents who participated.

We began our registration two months in advance so that the cat parents had enough time to prepare their cats for the show and also offered discounts on early registrations.

We were honoured to have Two International Judges from World Cat Federation (WCF) Ms. Irina Sadovnikova from Russia and Mr. Anthony Aldum from South Africa; both of them being an ‘All Breed Judge’ at WCF. They were invited to judge and discuss about the cats with their owners, also spread awareness about cats including the Indian cat and much more.

As a mandatory ICF rule, each cat was examined by Vets from “The Bombay Veterinary College’ to ensure the cat’s vaccination was up to date and they were free from any infection. Then the cats proceeded to both the judges to be classified and allow cats entry into the competition.  

Cats were allotted their dedicated cages with wet food sponsored by Whiskas, Litter sand sponsored by “Castor & Pullox Pets” store. Litter Tray, Food Bowl and Water Bowl sponsored by ICF... thus ensuring all the basic requirement of the cat was met during the show.

About the Show - In Detail:

On the day of the show, ICF team was eager to welcome cats and to our surprise we spotted Matahari owned by Rudolph Furtado eagerly waiting to enter the venue at 7:30 am, after enjoying her long ride early morning. She was calm and settled in her cage comfortably J 

We had cats enter the venue one after the other starting 8:30am onwards. Shahab Ali, President of ‘Deccan Cat Club’, Hyderabad travelled to Mumbai with their club members and their cats to participate in the show.

From Mumbai we had many cat parents attending the show with their cats and some of them were attending the show for the first time. Amongst them were Sufiyan Salim Khan (10 cats), Mehnaaz Khan (8 cats) and Juwairiah Shaikh (5 cats) who participated with 5+ cats.

Devandra Purbiya brought Kitten Bubbles, Daughter of ‘Bella’, who is the first cat to win ‘Best Overall Title’ three consecutive times. Just like her mother she stole hearts of many.

We had an opportunity to see some rare cat breeds during the show.
Prince (Snowshoe) and Lucy (Thai) owned by Rubeena Kidayavettil, Thomas (Indian Billi) owned by Amit Sarang, Mitra (Siberian) and Zodiac (Thai) owned by Richard Mehta, Clever (Siberian) owned by Nadeem Shaikh and Badshah Khan (Exotic) owned by Saquib Pathan.

Other Cat Breeds seen during the show were British Longhair, Household Pet, Original Longhair and Persian.

Vet Check and Registrations began at 9:30 and by then we had almost 50 cats awaiting their turn to participate in the show. After thorough check-up by vet and classification done by the judges, Traditional Judging started at 1pm.

The cats were categorized as per their breed for Traditional Judging (Round 1) and then each cat parent was called one by one with their cats at the judge’s desk. During Traditional Judging cat parent’s had an opportunity to understand and discuss about their cats with these International Judges.

Each cat was carefully checked and a report written by the judges with comments on Head, Eyes, Ears, Body, Coat / Color, Tail, Condition of the cat and also giving them a Title which is important to secure to become Champions or Premiere in the coming shows.

All this while we had a number of visitors coming in as well - cat lovers, cat breeders, parents along with their children, some were inquisitive visitors who were curious to see the gorgeous feline participating at our show.

By afternoon, 4:00 pm Ring Judging (Round 2) started, in this round the cats are categorized in three different sections – Kitten, Adult and Neuter. Once this has been sorted 10 cats (max) at a time are called up on the dais so that the judges can take one final look to shortlist the winners. ICF Team noticed that the Judges had a tough time deciding the winners as all the cats were simply outstanding. Kudos to all cat parents who participated!!!

At the end of each ring winners were announced. Some of the categories that won the top 3 places are as under:


Kitten Ring

Adult Ring

Neuter Ring

1st Place

Sufiyan Khan

Rubeena Kidayavettil

Richard Mehta

2nd Place

Nadeem Shaikh

Lucy Lu
Juwairiah Shaikh

Richard Mehta

3rd Place

Mehnaaz Khan

Brandon Stark
Ria Bhattacharyya

Mehnaaz Khan

By the end of the show, Champion & Premier Title was accomplished by 6 cats. 

These titles are given when a cat receives either 3 CAC (Champion) or 3 CAP (Premier) from 3 different judges over 3 cat shows held by ICF.

  Champion Title:                                                           Premier Title:

Cat Name:                  Cat Parent Name:                  Cat Name:                  Cat Parent Name:

Cream Dream             Shahab Ali                               Smurf                          Mehnaaz Khan

Murano                       Sufiyan Khan

Shimmer                     Mehnaaz Khan

Barkat Pathan            Saquib Pathan

Christina                      Meher Ansari   

We also had an online contest called ‘Selfie Contest’, cat parents were asked to click a selfie and post on ICF Facebook page, selfie with the highest likes would be declared the winner on the day of the show.

Sufiyan Khan had 400+ likes (count as on 10th Oct), making it the highest number of likes amongst all the entries we had received.

Alas, the time had come where we bid adieu to all these beautiful felines.

We were glad to hear from the judges and this is what they said via email:

Mr. Aldum quoted

“Thank you for the great show and the enjoyable trip to Mumbai. It was great seeing everyone again and being part of the show and great hospitality”.

Ms. Sadovnikova quoted

“Your show was very well organized. For a young federation, it was absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed your work!
I loved your cats and owners. The owners were all friendly and eager to learn. It's quite a pleasure to meet such kind and warm people. There were also some exceptional quality cats, which it was an honour to judge. I do wish you success with your new Indian breed, I just fell in love with that boy. Really great job the vets did at the vetting in.

Good luck to you all, health and beauty to your cats, success to the Indian Cat Federation!”
Thursday (21/6/2018) Summer Solstice Day. ANY FILM OR MODELING ROLES FOR CATS AND MASTER : - Watching the " France  v/s Peru " match on  T.. V :- Photographer House Caretaker M/s Sabina. Dias.The pleasure  of living with cats.